Information Security

FDLV offers a wide range of security services spanning from external penetration testing to code auditing and reviewing. We combine thorough methodology with an unconventional and creative hacking attitude to deliver efficiently compact, valuable straight-to-the-point results to the organization infrastructure. By means of experienced subversive technology manipulation, we offer the best possible way to model data breach attempts, network intrusion and real vulnerability exposure. FDLV offers penetration testing in accordance with internationnaly approved best practices and in a very pragmatic approach. We believe that a penetration test should not be an activity to see if the tester can « hack » the client. It should be about identifying the business risk associated with an attack and helping to secure problems detected by our team.

FDLV promotes a pragmatic and tailored approach, combining what the best methodologies can bring, without generating a heavy project administration and structure.

Digital Transformation & Cyber Resilience

Why do you think ahead?

Trends emerge over night.  Rivals are all around. Competition is just a click away. The digitalization of economy and society changes customer behaviour fundamentally and so demands entrepreneurial rethinking. Business models must be reassessed and further developed, and be adjusted to the new requirements.

There arises the necessity for an advanced, yet pragmatic cyber defence concept to achieve cyber resilience.

Cyber Resilience is the capability of your organisation to sustain business processes despite adverse conditions. These conditions can mean cyber attacks, they can also encompass unintentionally created obstacles such as a failed software update or human error. Cyber resilience is a comprehensive and global concept that exceeds IT security. It combines the areas of information security, business continuity and organizational resilience. In order to achieve a state of cyber-resilience, it is crucial for vulnerabilities to be detected early, prioritized economically, and remediated rapidly.

This is where we come into play.

You can only tackle what you can grasp!

We are in the business to reduce cyber risk for our customers. And we do this by looking at cyber risk from the crossroads of structural risk and maturity – IT Risk Management – on the one hand, and from pro-active detection and prevention support activities – Threat & Vulnerability Management – on the other.

Our consultants come equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and multi-industry experience with proven track records of industry standards, internationally acclaimed methodologies and rigid approaches. Their agility to react quickly and swiftly to the growing insidiousness of today’s malicious threat actors lies at the foundation of their mindset.

Our consultants are synthetic thinkers and draw on their passion to be able to position you better in the journey of your digital and technology transformation, and in the cat-and-mouse game between cyber adversities and your valuable assets.


It is the mission of FDLV Consulting Services to discover our clients’ true business challenges, propose solutions aligned to the business needs, and successfully deliver in a trusted-partner manner. To meet security and compliance requirements of most organizations today, FDLV commits to provide independent business-driven IT Risk assessment and management programmes, equally focused on people, processes, and technologies considered critical to the operational success of the environment.

FDLV’s IT Risk Management Program identifies business-related information security risks within the enterprise and improve the organization’s risk management practices against criteria established by internationally recognized IT Risk and Security governance frameworks. Gaps in your organization’s IT risk management Program are identified and recommendations are made for areas of improvement that will mitigate risk for your enterprise. The end goal of the project is to ensure that your organization has adequate and proportionate security controls in place.

The IT Risk Management Program provides a comprehensive analysis of each area affected by current risk management practices and helps the board, the executive management and other organization leaders determine how to optimise the realisation of value from information security investments by answering five risk governance questions as described in the figure to be right.

The IT Risk Management Program provides a snapshot of your organization’s risk governance posture, and outlines the strengths, weaknesses and recommendations broken down into their IT risk governance components. This will result in a prioritized set of action items that can be used to develop a strategic roadmap for your organization.


A strong foundation demands operational excellence. FDLV offers global support for the design, the management of all operational aspects of your security infrastructure that secures your business data.

Our operational specialists have long-years, hands-on experience with the security technology essential to the implementation of your cyber security strategy. They handle the planning, deployment and operation of accustomed yet indispensable technology such as next generation firewalls, proxies, web application firewalls and related instruments that safeguard your valuable data.

FDLV offers SOC expertise in various kinds of fundamental and advanced technologies that are key to the successful detection, mitigation and prevention of malicious activities in your networks and all around your assets. We take a detailed look at your border perimeter traffic, break-out points, internal data flows and hybrid cloud data travels, to bring about sustained and manageable cyber resilience.

Having looked under each stone, we synthesize information into a holistic concept and present you with innovative ways and means for incident analysis and interpretation, information re-use and orchestration.

Our coherent approach is designed in a way that allows you to refit fragmented evidence of attacker movement, and subject them to threat-intelligent workflows allowing for process formalization and automation wherever possible. Our approach structurally avoids redundant work, raises incident response times significantly and so maximizes efficiency and cost reduction.


Our consultants are proficient in 24/7 proactive log management and log analysis (SIEM), specialize in host & network intrusion detection (NDR) as well as endpoint security (EDR). Our detection modes range from static to threat signature detections to user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA).

The road of digital change leads through the cloud – and the complexity of a hybrid environment may leave you exposed you to new threats and in need of versatile and well-thought defence concepts bringing in added value for your organization.

FDLV offers full cyber coverage of target environments and is your trusted partner for your security roadmap implementations of your digital transformation.

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