IT Consultancy

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Our Expertise

Our consultants work precisely on the following subjects:

Analysis and development

Programmation languages

Java, Python, Javascript, Typescript, C++, C#, VB

Web Frameworks & Runtime environment

React, NextJs, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Django, Spring, ASP.NET, VB.NET

Business Intelligence / Dashboard

SAP BO, Cognos, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI, Qlikview, tableau


Oracle, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, Neo4J, Cassandra

Cloud computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud


Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Slack, Servicenow, Terraform

Versioning & Bug tracking



IntelliJ, VS Code, Visual studio 

Operating System

Linux, Windows


Prometheus, Zabbix, SolarWinds, Dynatrace

We operate on almost every subject related to IT security, applicative development and support, and infrastructure.
IT infrastructure

Database and system administration, Microsoft, SharePoint, Oracle & VmWare

Continuous delivery

Maven, Sonar, Jenkins

Technical and functional Support

Oracle, Multifonds (MFGI/MFGA) and Salesforce

Minimization of project risks

We work on project transparency and project control by specifying standardized approaches and describing the corresponding results and responsible roles. It permits an early recognition of planning deviations and risks and improves process management, thus reducing the project risk.

Improvement and guarantee of quality

We ensure that the results to be provided are complete and have the desired quality. Defined interim results can be checked at an early stage. Uniform product contents will improve readability, understandability and verifiability.

Reduction of total cost over the entire project and system life cycle

The effort for the development, production, operation and maintenance of a system can be calculated, estimated and controlled in a transparent manner by applying a standardized process model. The results obtained are uniform and easily retraced.

Improvement of communication between all stakeholders

The standardized and uniform description of all relevant elements and terms is the basis for the mutual understanding between all stakeholders. Thus, the loss between user, acquirer, supplier and developer is reduced.

FDLV experts are highly qualified and experienced persons. They are specialized and certified in their specific domain