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Who we are​

FDLV Luxembourg was founded in 2007 and is held by a family holding (FDLV Group). The 2 partners are Christine & Frédéric Dezitter. FDLV is a consultancy company offering services on technology and business issues – ranging from information technologies to consulting services. FDLV adapts to customers’ requirements, bringing its expertise and knowledge towards the desired result.




Respect of our clients, respect of our consultants, respect of people. There is no absolute knowledge, but respect of various abilities will enable FDLV to take and help their clients to get the best out of the people.


Everybody has his value, his strength and weaknesses. There is no absolute truth, but different situations - each leading to benefits and losses. FDLV does not know everything, but what FDLV knows, it knows well.


It is on quality deliveries that a client can build its environment. FDLV Quality services help our client to build a sound future. We seek quality at every level, it is the key for long-term and trustful relationships.

Our expertise​

FDLV has 2 main subjects for invervention : Business Advisory and IT Consultancy.

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